About the Alliance

Wang Bao He Hotel Alliance is formed by Central Hotel Shanghai (including Shanghai Wang Bao He Restaurant and Wang Bao He 1744 Beijing Flagship), Grand Central Hotel Shanghai, Mason Hotel Shanghai, Haiyan Hotel, Jin Yan Hotel, and China Garden Hotel Suzhou, which are all owned by the Shanghai Tobacco Group and Tobacco, Sugar and Wine Co., Ltd. of relevant districts. For years, these hotels have been following ideas of feature operation and innovative management, and offering guests with refined and individual catering, accommodation and conference service, making them ideal choices for business activities and banquets.

Connection with Shanghai Tobacco Group secures great performance of members of Wang Bao He Hotel Alliance in funding, management innovation, staffing and guest source, which form solid cornerstone for their development. Under a strategy of "discrepant management", the Alliance members include three-star, four-star and five-star hotels, with complete offerings from conference, to catering, accommodation and wedding ceremony, to meet demand of every guest. Such variation is more distinct in catering, like the crab of Wang Bao He, an always popular topic for consumers. Carefully distributed hotels are easily accessible for guests, including Central Hotel Shanghai and Grand Central Hotel Shanghai in Downtown Shanghai, Mason Hotel Shanghai on the Huaihai Road, Haiyan Hotel in the North Bund, as well as China Garden Hotel Suzhou close to Mudu Ancient Town, offering distinct experiences for guests.

Wang Bao He Hotel Alliance is a "loose" organization without corporate capacity or any specific business. Each member is responsible for their own management and operation. The objective of Wang Bao He Hotel Alliance is to further improve each member's management and service quality, and drive better development. The Alliance enables complementary advantages, sharing of information and resource, mutual benefits for operation and service. With a well-designed cooperation, communication and contact mechanism, the Alliance will achieve unified communication platform, alliance website, purchase channel and service requirements step by step. Upon entering any member hotel of the Alliance, guests can get information of other member hotels with contact available. Member hotels of the Alliance will continue to carry out their own featured operation and management ideas, and be dedicated to offering premium and preferential services for every guest. Welcome to member hotels of the Alliance and feel at home!